How to out-smart the "package peekers" in your house


November 21st, 2021

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The first year Melissa and Myron married he wanted to surprise his new bride with an inscribed locket to celebrate their first Christmas together. As a young couple, it was a little over their budget, but he hoped it would be an heirloom for their future children and someday be passed along to their grandchildren.Myron wrapped the gift himself with the comics from the newspaper and taped it with duct tape. He tucked it in with several smaller gifts under the Christmas tree, and there it lay for two weeks. He pictured the gleam in Melissa’s eyes as she unwrapped what he hoped would be a surprisingly precious gift.The big day arrived. With a warm smile Myron handed the carefully wrapped package to Melissa. She held it up to the light. She held it next to her ear and gently shook the package. She held it next to her heart and without unwrapping it she beamed at Myron, “You got me a locket, didn’t you?”Myron rubbed his chin, “How could you possibly know that? Did you peek?”Melissa gave him a big bear hug, “Just a lucky guess.”

The next year Myron was determined to keep his gift a surprise. He wrapped the silk scarf he had purchased on a business trip in a small box again using duct tape. For added security, he placed the small box in a larger Christmas tin and added a brick for weight. “That should do it,” he chuckled.The big day arrived. This time Myron wore a smug smile. Again, Melissa held the package up to the light, shook it next to her ear, and held it next to her heart. “Hmmm, what could possibly be this heavy?” Melissa said tearing into the wrapping. She stopped and grinned at Myron, “You didn’t get me a silk scarf, did you?”By the third year Myron was more determined than ever to give a gift that would be a real surprise. One day during a luncheon meeting with a friend, he received advice that would change his gift-giving forever. His friend said, “Just as a skillful safe cracker listens for the click, a package peeker is deft at un-taping and re-taping. I read about someone who stored all their holiday gifts in a climate-controlled storage unit. You should try it. The article also suggested storing Christmas decorations after the holidays.”

Several years have passed and Myron rents a storage unit every December for his gifts, which now include premium chocolate. He doesn’t have to worry about it melting under the Christmas tree or being eaten by the dog. 

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