Organize Your Storage for Frequent and Easy Access


April 17th, 2023

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Just imagine. It’s two hours before your child’s birthday party and you’re digging through boxes in your storage unit. You were sure you knew exactly where the pinata and balloons were stored. “Aha,” you shout, “of course, it’s in the last box.”As you close the storage door, you look at the half open boxes with stuff strewn everywhere. “I’ll work on that later,” you promise yourself.

Save yourself time and stress. Follow these simple tips to organize your belongings for easy and frequent access.

Before you start piling boxes into the unit, think about what items you might use most often. What will you use least often? Place large, heavy items at the back. Also, items that you use less frequently. Store frequently used items near the front. (This may sound like basic information, but often folks are in a hurry when packing their unit and don’t take time to think about organizing their belongings.)Boxes that are the same size are easier to stack.Use portable shelving units so you don’t need to stack containers. Also, desks and file cabinets make good storage spaces.Clear totes allow you to see what is inside.For larger units, allow space for a walking path.#1 tip – label everything. Color code for seasonal items. Better yet, take time to inventory the items in each container and tape a list to the outside.

So, next time you visit your storage unit, it will be a quick and easy access.

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