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January 10th, 2023

JANUARY 10, 2023Tagged PHOTOS, STORAGE📷How many photos can you fit into one tote? Packy the Pack Rat quit counting after 500. Whether you are the family historian or just inherited a boatload of printed photos, you may feel overwhelmed with the abundance. Do you keep them or toss them? Photographs allow us to see firsthand the crooked smile or curly hair we inherited from our ancestors. The value of family treasures is hard to measure, so organize and archive your photos for future pleasure. Treat your photo collection as if it were an “official” archive at the Smithsonian Museum.Packy’s Tips to Organize Your Photos
  • Don’t expect to sort and organize all in one session. Set your own timeline.
  • Separate by type: antique photos such as tintypes or stereo vision cards, black & white, color, reels, slides, etc.
  • Organize by family, subject, place, or size of photo.
  • Don’t write directly on the image.
  • Scan images in batches.
  • Use a light touch when writing on the back of a photo.
Packy’s Tips to Safely Archive Your Photos
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold to help prevent warping or curling.
  • Slides, film, color, black & white—store them all out of light.
  • Magnetic albums are a no-no.
  • Store albums vertically in archival boxes.
  • Store in archival paper or plastic sleeves.
  • According to the Library of Congress, photos are easiest to maintain in a climate-controlled space—not in a basement or attic. 
If you have more photos that you have space, check out indoor climate-controlled storage units. They are affordable and are available in various sizes. To store your family treasures in optimal conditions, contact Jocee at Prairie Life Storage, 319-260-2275 or visit the website at

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