Should you Hire a Moving Company or DIY?

February 8th, 2024

Should you Hire a Moving Company or DIY?

Things to consider when you’re planning a move. Will your move take you across town or across
the country? Do you want to pay professional movers or invite your friends to help and pay them
with pizza and pop? How do you decide?

The answer depends on your budget, how much you need to move, and how far—not to mention
your need for sanity. It can be overwhelming so let’s consider when you should hire a mover.

Professional movers may be the best option when you’re moving long distance and/or moving an
entire house. They know how to pack your valuables to ensure a safe arrival, and they know how
to move special pieces like pianos and antiques. You can let the pros handle the heavy lifting and
logistics of a major move. This could be a real time-saver for you as well as provide a stress-free

Once you determine your moving needs, do some research on various moving companies near
you. You can check reviews online. The Better Business Bureau is also a good resource. Note
what the mover specializes in (i.e. local, long distance or international), and make sure they are
insured and licensed. Get estimates of pricing and compare at least three movers. Do they require
a deposit? What are the payment options? Beware of scams. Ask for references. And, remember
cheaper isn’t always better.

A few drawbacks of hiring a moving company are that it requires preparation and a detailed
inventory before you can get a quote. You may need to secure a mover several months ahead,
and lastly, it may take longer to receive your belongings at your new location.

If you decide to Do-It-Yourself (DIY), it will cost less. You’ll be in control of the handling of
your possessions, logistics, and the timing of the move. And then you can enjoy pizza and a
drink with your helper friends.

Once you’ve done your research, you’ll have a good idea of how to enjoy a hassle-free move. If
you need storage space between moves, let us help. Prairie Life Storage has storage units to
accommodate furnishings from one room to a full house. We also have moving vans to rent for
your DIY moves, along with pads and boxes for purchase.

Contact the staff at Prairie Life Storage, 319-260-2275 or visit the website at

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