Store Your Holiday Decor

December 15th, 2022

DECEMBER 15, 2022📷How can you safely store your holiday decorations? Jocee Schuerman of Prairie Life Storage offers some practical tips to help preserve the life of your precious heirloom decorations and your just-for-fun decorations. Q.        Is it safe to store holiday lights in an attic?A.        Whether your lights are for indoor or outdoor decorating, it is best to not store them in an attic because extreme heat can damage them. To prolong their life, you might consider keeping them in an area where the temperature is consistent year-round. Q.        What are some convenient ways to store lights?A.        To keep a string of lights from tangling, I like to wrap them around a flat piece of cardboard or an empty wrapping paper tube. Be sure to let your outside lights dry before storing them.Q.        Is it safe to store holiday decorations in a garage?A.        Again, temperature is a factor to consider when storing any decorations. Extreme heat can warp or melt plastic. And, extreme cold can make them crack or burst. You risk breaking fragile ornaments and other decorations if you need to move them around in the garage. You also want to make sure your garage is protected from insects and rodents.Q.        What do you recommend for storing linens?A.        Linens are best stored in a dark, dry space away from sunlight. Preferably in an area that is between 50 and 80 degrees. Plastic bags and bins are not recommended because of possible condensation, and they may contain BHT, which can cause your precious linens to yellow. A cardboard box is best as long as it is not susceptible to pests or mildew.Q.        In general, what do you recommend for safely storing any holiday decorations?A.        Make sure your storage area is dry, not too hot or too cold, and is pest free. You might want to consider renting a climate-controlled storage space. Whether you need a small space for a few boxes or space for a ten-foot tall Christmas tree, there is a unit to fit your needs. It’s a great way to protect your decorations—and, de-clutter your home.Q.        How do I know what size storage unit I need?A.        Just give me call at 319-260-2275 or stop in to check out our storage units in person. I’ll help you select the size you need. We’re located at 6100 Production Drive in Cedar Falls. Wishing you the very best in the New Year.

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